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Lion Craft Wooden Ornaments

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The animal kingdom of the African prairie has a theme that transcends all cultures and borders. The old Lion King's teaching to his son seems simple, but in fact it is rich in profound philosophy: the cycle of life, the rise and fall of all things, everything must be in accordance with the laws of nature. When the sun rises from the horizon and the night turns into the day, Africa wakes up and all animals gather to celebrate the birth of the Little Lion King. Accompanied by many enthusiastic and loyal friends, Little Lion King not only experienced the most glorious moments in his life, but also the most difficult challenges. After experiencing life, death, love and responsibility, he finally ascended the throne of the King of the Forest, and also experienced the true meaning of life in the nature of the cycle.

【Weight】: Weight less than 1 KG after packing

【Material】 Teak

【Craft】: Handmade

【Composition】: Individual products

【Packaging】: Gift Box Packaging

【Size】: About 11 cm in length, 7 cm in width and 6 cm in height.


Wood carving every structural part fully demonstrates a designer's thinking on composition, appropriately abstract without losing the warm and lovely texture, primitive and simple shape with geometric logic. It fully demonstrates the remarkable characteristics of Nordic design, which emphasizes logical rationality and is full of natural and human feelings.



Lion Craft Wooden Ornaments

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