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Baby Carrier Sling

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There are so many baby carrier products, why did we choose this seemingly ordinary sling?

From the medical point of view, the baby's feet are "M" type, in order to easily separate feet posture can carry the best to protect the baby's inherent posture. So not only will not affect the normal development of the legs, but also the development of the baby's infants thighs have a good help.

Parents should pay attention to the child to keep the legs of the baby to keep M-shaped leg posture, legs naturally separated from the baby is the most comfortable posture, and this should be common sense for their parents! Therefore, the shop strongly recommend this Baby Carrier Sling, the design is reasonable and help the baby grow!


  • 95% Polyester and 5% spandex
  • 5.1 meters length and 0.5 meters width.

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