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Transformers Jacket

For many years, we have devoting on the design and development of clothing design in line with the modern lifestyle.Our clothing design goal of this season is to design a kind of clothing which can make the winter outdoor travel light and practical while getting rid of complicated and redundant burdan simultaneously. Finally We have "Transformers" coat after continuous trial and error correction, compatible function and process, fabric characteristics and practical adjustment.

Not only can our "Transformers" coat meet the demand of a light travel, but also in line with a multiuse concept of environmental protection. We hope to raise money through crowd funding,promoting people to choose a more environmentally and friendly way of life in the meantime .We also want to give rise to the thinking and creativity of people to throw out the narrowing thought of functions of items. We need to know that everything in life is born with infinite possibilities.

If you are keen on your life , outdoor travel and advocating environmental protection, we believe you will like this different, "Transformers" jacket which has set of 11 features.

Thanks for your attention.

Geeks1024 Wearable Technology Team

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